31 days to a home budget – start here

To get started, download this Home budget worksheet or open an excel document (or a trusty notebook).  You can also use this editable budget – a google doc via drive. To edit, make a copy for yourself, then have at it (click on cell A1 for instructions)!


Day 1 Define your buckets
Day 2 Gather your spending history
Day 3 Highlighter ready
Day 4 Guestimating expenses that vary every month
Day 5 Fixed monthly expenses
Day 6 Fluctuating monthly bills (take the max!)
Day 7 Annual expenses (trickiest step so far!)
Day 8 Gifts (and postage)
Day 9 Christmas (and other major holidays)
Day 10 Vacation fund (mini-savings goal)
Day 11 Vehicle maintenance/repairs and other mini-savings goals
Day 12 Emergency fund
Day 13 Insurance
Day 14 Retirement
Day 15 College savings
Day 16 Medical expenses
Day 17 Kids’ savings (short-term)
Day 18 Charitable giving 
Day 19 Blow money
Day 20 Gas, debt, cable, pets… what else?
Day 21 Income
Day 22 Income that varies each month
Day 23 Spend what you make
Day 24 Plot your spending by paycheck
Day 25 Organize your buckets by account
Day 26 Extra money
Day 27 Windfalls
Day 28 Wish list
Day 29 The budget meeting
Day 30 Execute
Day 31 How did we forget the ___?!?

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