Smackdown reflections: Great gifts II

Deciding to avoid buying new things during the month of many family birthdays has really made this challenge interesting! I told you how we handled gifts for our one-year-old nephew and Joe’s dad. We had two more celebrations to consider during the latter part of this month: Joe’s eldest sister’s birthday and a baby shower for a dear friend expecting twins.

Joe’s sister volunteers her time, energy, and talent for her local humane society, so what better way to honor her investment and dedication than through a donation? While checking out the Montgomery Humane Society site, I stumbled on this video… just try not to cry. Glad to support this organization and their compassionate care for furry friends in honor of Amy’s special day.

For our friends expecting twins, I was delighted to find that they have registered for cloth diapers at This definitely falls under the second amendment to Spunky Avocado’s Emancipation from Consumification:  “part of this challenge includes eliminating one-time-use disposable items such at paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, plastic bottles, etc. So, in order to make that possible, we are also approving the purchase of permanent items that will replace the disposable items such as: cloth napkins, microfiber towels, stainless steel or glass water bottles, coffee thermos, mason jars, etc.”

With two little girls in cloth diapers, I can only imagine the number of diaper changes they are going to be doing on the go over the next few years – and I’m happy to support their commitment to cloth!

I THINK that covers the birthdays and parties for friends during our 30 day challenge.  Have you had to think out of the box when finding presents for loved ones? What have been some of your favorite gifts to give?

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